About the product


The BE1000 Barbell Bench from the Marcy Eclipse range is a stage above your average starter bench, it features a thicker frame to hold heavier weight loads, a wider rack for better hand placement on bench press and it also has the addition of a preacher curl pad and leg developer too. The collaboration of these extra features make the BE1000 a far superior model to suit starters & intermediate weight lifters, you won't find it restricting as you get stronger either as it boasts a huge 270kg weight load capacity (user & weights) that gives you tons of scope to progress. All of the usual features you'd expect are covered too, the multi position back rest can be angled into flat, incline and decline settings to train various angles of your chest and the upholstery is all box stitched high density foam which is comfortable, supportive and long lasting. All in all the BE1000 provides a reliable foundation on which to build your weight training journey on.
Assembled Dimensions: Length: 150cm (59"") x Width: 109cm (42.9"") x Height: 129cm (50.8"")
Box Dimensions: Length: 124.5cm x Width: 40.3cm x Height: 18cm
Product Weight: 29kg