About the product

Tunturi Platinum Air Bike

The Tunturi Cardio Fit B50 Air Bike is to train a great trainer in one movement both legs and arms. The resistance is increased by pedaling harder, (progressive wind resistance system) to give a very explosive and intensive training can be done. Furthermore, additional resistance are given by way of the dial that still will slow more the fin. The monitor functions are simple and provide a clear view of the main training results. The monitor operates on batteries, which means that the B50 is not dependent on a connection to the electricity grid. The ridge on the monitor, there may be a tablet or phone set on to watch your favorite movies and series during the workout. The large ergonomic seat is comfortable for long workouts and easy height to fit with a quick-release button. To keep moving or lose weight with mild to moderate exercise intensity this simple trainer Tunturi an excellent choice for this price.