About the product

Body Solid Body Solid Multi Gym - FUSION 500

Fusion 500 Personal Trainer
With its revolutionary functional training arms, design-forward
aesthetic and motivating presence, you’ve found a new partner
in total physical fi tness with the Fusion 500 home gym. Design
your gym to adapt to your available fl oor space and address
your training needs, preferences and goals.
Station to station, the Body-Solid Fusion 500 offers you a superior
workout experience, with the function and fl exibility to perform
over 60 exercises including: chest press, incline press, decline
press, lat pull-down, leg extension, bicep curl, tricep extension,
mid row, cable row, shrugs, shoulder press and many more.
Dimensions: 83""H x 76""L x 48""W 
Functional Pulleys allow users to perform a variety of exercises that recruit stabilizer muscles to exercise movements such as pec flys and converging presses. Featuring adjustable arms to allow you to change the angle of reistance 160 degrees, in 20 degree increments.
Body-Solid fitness equipment features materials and component parts of only the highest quality and durability.
All Body-Solid frames feature continuous, four side welded construction instead of the typical 2-side welds that have become common in the industry. The Fusion 500 features 50mm x 100mm 11 gauge oval tubing and 6mm upper support plates
DuraFirm™ Pads
Our exclusive DuraFirm Pads are tear-resistant, extra-thick and ultra comfortable. We use the highest density foam in the industry for a lifetime of support without bottoming out.
An electrostatically applied powder coat finish protects all Body-Solid fitness equipment. This is the same process used on industrial machinery because of its durability. It resists cracking, chipping and corrosion and makes cleaning a breeze.
Pulleys & Cables
Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys are precision-matched to our cable diameter and revolve on seated ball bearings that never need maintenance and provide a lifetime of friction-free performance.