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Head Head Graphene XT Cyano 110

GRAPHENE XT CYANO 110 is the lightest squash racket of HEAD, but thanks to all the constituent materials and technology, it is the best racket for aggressive tournament players seeking power. First of all, the innovative Graphon XT technology makes it possible to optimally distribute weights, and we will respond to speedy game development. And the innovative Corrugated Technology ™ (CT 2) (collagated technology) which adopted a longer groove in the shaft part of the racket increases strength and power. In addition, racquet-specific teardrop shapes and large head sizes create larger sweet spots and add even more power to any player's shots. Reducing the weight of the racket improves all operability and makes it easier to handle, making it possible to manipulate the racket's power in your hand will have absolute weapons at the front court. It is the best weapon for players who want to lead the game to the next power level.